ScholarshipOwl Export Tool

ScholarshipOwl Export Tool

I created this tool in order to help students easily find and track scholarships they are eligible for using ScholarshipOwl provides a large list of scholarships that students can apply for. As scholarships are continually added, its difficult to keep track of which scholarships you are planning on applying for, or which ones you can apply to. This tool allows you to export the scholarships from the website into a Microsoft Excel document. Once they’re in the document, you can add notes, add descriptions, and create a better list of the scholarships you want to apply for. 

Installation Instructions:

Feel free to watch the video above for installation and usage instructions.

1. Download and unzip the archive to any location on your computer.

2. Register for and get to the scholarship list page.

3. Download the webpage using CTRL + S.

4. Run the ScholarshipOwlExport.exe and select the HTML file you downloaded as well as the ScholarshipOwl Scholarships.xls spreadsheet.

Some Notes:

1. When running the program, make sure that the Scholarship .xls spreadsheet is not open.

2. Whenever you save the .html file from ScholarshipOwl and re-run the program, the program will check for new scholarships on the page and add them to your spreadsheet. Be sure to run the program every few weeks to catch new scholarships that could be ending soon!

3. Do not change any of the information in the first 5 columns of the spreadsheet: (Name, Amount, Due Date, Link, Recurring) as the program will duplicate the scholarship the next time the program is ran.

4. The spreadsheet in the download folder has one example scholarship that may be expired. Feel free to delete it from your list.

5. Don’t feel comfortable running a .exe file? The .exe file was compiled directly from the Python script using the package pyinstaller. Feel free to directly use the if you are tech-savvy and know how to use it. You will need to run pip install -r requirements.txt

Want to see the source code?

The source code for this project has been made publicly available on my Github. Feel free to take a look through. If you’ve got any questions about anything, please Contact Me.