About Me

Hi. I’m Daniel Glynn.

I’ve always had an interest engineering as well as computer science for as long as I can remember. Legos? My favorite toy growing up. My dad owned a computer repair business and I was always there to ask questions and help him. My very first job at Fargo 3D Printing introduced me to the world of 3D printing, and I’ve been in love ever since. I’ve created numerous designs that have been downloaded over 40,000 times, I’ve shipped over 4000 products across the globe, and I’m just getting started.

For my senior year of high school (2018-2019), I attended Minnesota State University Moorhead as a full-time college student through the Minnesota PSEO program to get a head start on my collegiate journey. While studying there, I was an employee at the University Planetarium, where I managed and directed the marketing team.

Since the fall of 2019, I have been fully engaged in the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Minnesota. I enjoy my coursework, especially programming and hardware projects. Developing my own projects has been even more rewarding. As I was signing up for classes in the fall of 2019, I was annoyed by the process of choosing which professor to take a class with. To streamline this process, I decided to make a Google Chrome Extension that would help University of Minnesota students register for classes. It provides ratings and reviews for professors directly on the registration page, and links to the appropriate page on the RateMyProfessor website. The extension has over 200 users.

Currently I’m an active member of the Univerisity of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project. (UMN SVP)¬† As a team, we biannually design, manufacture, and race an electric solar vehicle. This includes designing a car from the ground up, sourcing materials from sponsors and merchants, manually building and machining automotive parts, and having some fun as a team. On the engineering side, I’ve gained immense experience with PTC Creo as well as FEA using ANSYS to do static structural testing on the roll cage and chassis structures.

I’m ready for the next opportunity that will allow me to develop and have a beneficial impact on a company. If you or anyone you know is looking to fill a Summer of 2020 Internship, please reach out to me as I am still looking for a position. You can get ahold of me via the contact page, or through the social media linked in the sidebar on the homepage.¬†

Here is my resume if you’d like to learn more.